Oklahoma'sFUZZIESTFURSTBESTHotel Furry Convention

Tulsa, Oklahoma     Sept. 2nd - Sept. 4th 2022

The count begins for TTFC REN-FUR 2022!

New 2022 Website Coming Soon!

Thank you for making #TTFC2021 a HUGE success! We are thankful for the GLOBAL support in contributing to a convention that is ran by YOU, the furry community!

As we prepare for 2022, we will also be doing a complete redesign of our website! We can't wait to share it with you all.

In addition, we will be making announcements in the coming months about the launch of 2022 Pre-Registration, along with hotel room block information. We hope 2022 brings even greater joy to you all, as much as it did for us and can't wait to see you for our Ren-Fur theme!

Meanwhile, we have our Telegram group chat open so if you want to come make some friends, learn more about our organization or potentially volunteer as a staff member come on over! Our volunteer staffers make things happen behind the scenes, that as a result make TTFC possible!

-TTFC Staff

Special Thanks to our Sponsors!