2021 Guests of Honor


Omnom & Splat

Omnom and Splat are two of the fandom's favorite fursuiters. Omonom is a musician, and lead singer for the furry rock band, "Run Definitely Run!" He is joined by his Fiance, Splat Fennec who is known for her fursuits, singing, artwork, and overall AWESOME personality. We are excited to have Omnom and Splat this year at TTFC!

YouTube Channel: Click here

Fox & Pepper

Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote have been performing at furry conventions for more than three years as a duo, and a combined 15 years as solo artists. Hailing from Scotland, Fox Amoore has played keyboards on stages ranging from tiny pubs to massive stadiums. With formal training in both film composition and jazz piano, his style is something to behold. Pepper started out in Pennsylvania playing smoky bars, but soon found a welcoming home in the furry community. Most famous for his song about horses, Pepper has attained meme status on all corners of the Internet. The pair are bringing their unique combination, featured in their collaborative albums “Hashtag” and most recently “Spread Thy Wings” to the TTFC stage, and they hope you’ll come listen.

YouTube Channel (Fox Amoore): Click here

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